High-Performance Processors MPC7448 PowerPC Processor

CHAMP-AV IV drives DSP applications with up to 48 GFLOPs of peak computational power. It features quad 1.5 GHz FreeScale MPC7448 PowerPC processors and QuadFlow architecture, which supports 4 simultaneous node-to-node transfers to deliver total data flow of 3.2 Gb/sec peak. Able to transfer data to adjacent nodes at speeds up to 1.6 Gb/sec peak, each processing node includes 256 Mb or 512 Mb Features: MPC7448 running at 667 or 1.4 GHz with: L1 caches : 32KB Inst. and 32KB Data with parity 1MB of L2 integrated cache with ECC 512MB , 1 or... PowerQUICC II MPC8270 ProcessorPMC: Features: PPC603e with FPU 32 bits RISC architecture with : - 400/450 MHz - 16KB Instruction Cache and 16KB Data Cache - 24KB on-board fast dual-port SRAM - MMU and... Conduction Cooled PQII Processor PMC - 64Kbytes L1 and 1Mbyte (MPC7448) L2 internal caches operating at core speed - Up to 40 GFLOPS peak computational power w Up to 512Mbytes DDR-250 SDRAM with ECC per processor w 256Mbytes FLASH with write protection w 128Kbytes NVRAM w QuadFlow architecture with 3.2GB/s peak on-board throughput w Gigabit Ethernet with on-board switch - Each processor has GbE connection to on-board GbE switch Electronic Engineering Times Asia Online is Asia's resource for daily mpc7448 news, mpc7448 technical papers and mpc7448 application notes on design, mpc7448 test and mpc7448 production engineering. Performance 38.4 GFLOPS per module (peak) Processors 4 MPC7448 processors per module Clock Frequency 1.2 GHz L1 Cache 32K instruction, 32K data L2 Cache 1 MB per processor (built-in) Floating Point Unit IEEE 754 single and scalar Fixed Point Units Dual 32-bit Integer Units MPC7448 Dual-core 1.33 GHz MPC8640/1D GFLOPS 19.2 @ dual 1.2 GHz 21.3 @ dual 1.33 GHz CPU Bandwidth to Memory 1 GB/s (MPX bus @133 MHz) 8.6 GB/s (DDR266) Memory Banks 1 2 Memory Bandwidth 2 GB/s (DDR133) 8.6 GB/s (DDR266) SDRAM Read Latency (TS to TA) ~ 105 ns ~ 55 ns I/O Fabric Integral VME ~ 40 MB/s StarFabric (PMC) ~ 400 MB/s 4x sRIO, 8x PCIe I/O Bandwidth Integral VME ~ 40 MB/s StarFabric The MPC7448 includes the same powerful 128-bit AltiVec vector execution unit as found in previous MPC7xxx devices. AltiVec technology may dramatically enhance the performance of applications such as voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), speech recognition, multi-channel modems, virtual private network servers, high-resolution 3-D graphics, motion video (MPEG-2, MPEG-4), high fidelity audio (3-D

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